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Monday, March 28, 2011

Love Yourself, Accept Yourself, Forgive Yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Forget about others, Do you forgive yourself? You don’t. Instead, you punish yourself for every small mistake you do. Others don’t punish you as often. You do it to yourself, everyday and every hour.

A person abused you. He did that and is over with it. He is gone now and probably enjoying at this point of time or is busy with something else. What about you? Are you over with it? Mostly you are not. You are still brooding over it, thinking about it and crying over it. You are playing that episode in your mind, over and over. Who’s the real culprit here? The one, who abused you only once, or the one, who is torturing you a thousand times and is still crying about it. You have to decide. Wake up friend. See things clearly. Contemplate on them. Don’t do such an injustice to yourself.
Say, you could not wake up for a test in the morning. Get over with it. If that test was important, you would’ve taken it. It’s gone now and gone is gone forever. Life is moving. It is a movement. There are better things for you, perhaps. Learn to appreciate this fact. Life is never hard on you. You are hard on yourself. Love yourself. Love yourself totally. Accept each and every nook and corner of your personality and your being.

Learn to forgive. Accept each and every part of your body. Accept your mind, as it is. All the bad, ugly, negative, secretive, dark areas about you, just love it. Love each and everything about you. Currently, you live a divided life. Good and Bad. Good is the part, which comprises of all the things that you like to do and Bad part includes all the stuff that you hate yourself for. All the bad habits also go in the bad part. God and Devil are not outside. You are your God and you are your Devil. Learn to accept the Devil and the God appears of its own accord. Love your style. Love your feelings, thoughts and actions. You are unique. Forgive yourself for every little silliest/craziest/nastiest thing you did. Just forgive. Only Gods can forgive everything. It is a quality of Gods. Imbibe it.
You could repeat this self-suggestion everyday:
Please help me to forgive myself.
Please help me to love myself.
When you are able to love and forgive yourself totally, you will be able to love and forgive others too. Sins and grudges will then disappear from the world. Only godliness will remain!

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