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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Initiative & Leadership ...

Got the following email from one of my contacts. 
Felt it is worth sharing with you all.


(the specifics are gossip value, but are required to build up the story)

Last night on a dark Baner road (no road lights) closer to highway, I passed a donkey lying near the road divider. I stopped and walked back to check on the guy. Was bleeding profusely through the nose/mouth but was alive.

Cars zipping past in high speed, but nobody stopping to look at this animal. Not even the pedestrians were giving this guy a second glance. While i was standing there and figuring out a course of action, 2 people came along to see whats happening.

I put them to work to put stones to prevent cars from coming too close to the animal. I then got the red hazard warning triangle from my car and put it up.

I started making calls to vets for first aid advise (i have no exposure in treating large animals having an idea on what to give but no idea on dosages), and called in the PFA for the large animal van for a pickup to the animal farm or Jeev raksha.

By and by, about 20 people collected and stood around the animal, doing nothing really but willing to help. As one of them overheard me asking the vet for the medicine to be administered, he offered to go buy it, one person said he would pay for the entire treatment, and so it went on.

I called Sravanthi to get my kit and help me administer the drugs. We did administer the life saving drugs but it wasnt meant to be. The van arrived, but he passed away. The team helped to move him to the side, and they found the number of PMC, called them to pick up the dead body. In all this we recruited a new volunteer for Resq.


I started this alone but I wasn't alone anymore and I didnt do anything but just stand there and do what I felt was right.

"I was ready to work on this alone. I lived my truth and support came."

Although I was very saddened that the donkey was not saved, I was amazed at how people are moved if one person looks another direction or differently.

People want to help but maybe they are just followers. Need a leader there to show them the way.

In the gang of people, several would have just been curious bystanders but several cared genuinely.

My takeaway:

"If you want to start a movement, don't look around for support, just walk in the direction of your movement truthfully, and support will come."

warm regards

Sunil Uttam

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beginning of love ...

Got to read a good quote on the Internet.

"The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love  only the reflection of ourselves we find in them."
~Thomas Merton

Many people in love, and mainly the married couples tend to mould their spouse in a shape like theirs. Typically, they start from finding similarities in their likes and dislikes. More the match there, they feel the better would be their match as a couple for the rest of the life. But, this does not hold true for long. As the time goes, more of the differences start getting uncovered, which then starts a tussle between the couple on how much each of them succeeds in moulding the other in their own shape. Leading to dissatisfaction, frustration and stress in the relationship. And the relationship generally worsens with time and becomes a burden to carry for the rest of the life.
On the other hand, if the couple realises the fact, quoted above, earlier in the relationship (best is right from the beginning) and loves (not accepts) the other person with what s/he is, then it becomes a different story altogether. Both get their "own space" (much talked about jargon these days :). I think, everyone needs to exercise this in their lives to have a more engaging, exciting and a happier life.
Lets all have better relationships and a better Life ...