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Monday, February 28, 2011


This is just a piece of contemplation i had while i had a fight with my best friend. I was thinking, if i  can exist without friends. Can i live without my parents? What if everybody is pulled out of my life, one by one, what happens then..

If everybody in your life, is subtracted, one by one, what remains…parents, suppose as if they are not…friends..let them go…everybody..all friends,, relatives..colleagues, pets..every living being is taken off…what will remain in the end…

how will you know who you are…what will be your identity…what is the use of eyes, if there is nothing to see and what use is for ears, if there is no sound…what if..

what if only you remain, on a clean barren land with no living beings or plants around..nothing…just you…like Hollywood apocalypse movies…only you..what would you do…can u survive like that…can u survive…when there is NOTHING TO DO…nothing is to be done..coz there is NO THING left..what happens then.

will you still remain like what you are now…all the projections…of the mind..and all your superficial identities, will be taken off…you will remain, but no masks will be there…the real you remains..

In the midst of so many artificial faces and shadows, we have forgotten who we are….we know nothing of that Real YOU !

~from mohitvalecha

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Story Of A Tea Cup

"There was a time when I was just a dumb lump of red clay. Then one day my master came. He took me, brought me home, rolled and pounded me on a wooden table. Again and again, he poked his fingers into me until finally I yelled out: 'Don't do that! Leave me alone!' But he only smiled and gently said: "Not yet!"

Then, whoommmm! I was placed on a spinning wheel and suddenly spun around and around and around until I lost all my sense of direction: 'Stop it; don't you see that I'm getting sick? Quickly, take me from the spinning wheel!' But the master only nodded in understanding and quietly said: "Not yet!"

Then he placed me carefully into an oven. I never felt such heat. I yelled and knocked and pounded at the door: 'It is hotter than hell - I'm burning to ashes. Please get me out of here before it is too late.' I could only read his lips as he shook his head from side to side and silently pronounced, "Not yet!"

After I had cooled down he carefully picked me up, looked at me and brushed some dust away. Then he brought the colors! The fumes were horrible! 'Please... you have no mercy! Please, Stop it!' But he only shook his head and said: "Not yet!"

An hour or later he came back and placed a mirror before me and said: "Look at yourself!" And I did. What I saw amazed me. 'That's not me!' I said. 'It is too beautiful...' With a very compassionate voice he spoke: "This is what you are meant to be," and then he explained: "I know it hurt you when I rolled and kneaded you on the table. But if I had not gotten the air out of you, you would have broken. I knew you must have lost all your sense of orientation when I was spinning you. But without this you would never have come into this form. I know the fumes of the colors were intolerable when I painted you all over. But if I had not done that, you would not have had any color in your life."

God is the potter and we are the clay. He will mold us and will expose us to just enough pressures of just the right kinds that we will become a perfect piece of His liking.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Living Happy ..

When U R Tired & Exhausted,

When U R Bored & Disinterested,

When U R Upset & Hurt,

When U R Angry & Irritated,

When U R Cheated,

When U R Deprived,

When U R Lost,

Till U R Living,

Monday, February 7, 2011

Opportunities to Love!

Don’t miss a single opportunity where you can be loving. If you start looking for opportunities for being loving, you will be surprised: they come in thousands. Because you have not been looking for them you have not noticed them, otherwise they come each moment.

You are passing by the road and a child smiles. Now there is a possibility, a great opportunity. God has smiled at you – you have to respond! You are sitting and a stranger is sitting by your side and is crying, and the tears are coming; now you have an opportunity to respond. Or you see a rose flower just opening; it is an opportunity to be loving. You can dance around the rosebush; you can at least say hello to the rose. You can have a little chit-chat... you can be a little mad!

The whole universe goes on giving millions of opportunities but because we are hard and we don’t look for them, even if they come on our way uninvited, we bypass them. By and by our eyes become completely incapable of seeing the opportunity for love, otherwise each moment god approaches you. His hand is always very close to taking our hand but we don’t move: we function like rocks.

~Osho – The No Book

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Power of Present !

Learn to be in the present.

Withdraw your energy from the past. Don't waste your time in memories. What is gone is gone. Say goodbye to it and close the chapter.

What has not come yet has not come yet. Don't unnecessarily waste your time and energy in imagination, because no imagination is ever fulfilled. It is because of this that the proverb exists in every language: "Man proposes, and God disposes" because you imagine a certain thing in the future, and it is never so.

Withdrawing yourself from past and future, you will become a tremendously intense energy, focused in the present, concentrated in the present like an arrow.

Each moment being aware, alert, watchful, in the herenow, is the way not to miss the train. Every experience needs your presence here, this moment.

And this is a simple secret, but it opens the doors of existence, of all the mysteries, of all that is worth knowing, worth tasting, worth feeling, worth being”


Monkey Mind !!

A group of monkeys decide to go on a fast one day. 
“Before we begin, I think we should keep the food with which we’ll break the fast ready,” counselled the old monkey chief.
The monkeys nodded their heads in agreement. The youngsters were sent in search of food. They returned with huge hands of delicious-looking bananas.
“I think each of us should keep our share of bananas with us before we begin our fast, so that we don’t spend time distributing them after we break our fast. You can imagine how hungry we all will be by then!” said the chief’s wife.
The monkeys liked the idea and they collected their share of the bananas.
“Why don’t we peel one banana and keep it ready to eat? ” said one of the youngsters.
“Yes, let’s do that,” shouted a fat monkey in agreement. Just looking at the bananas was making him hungry.
“All right,” said the monkey chief. “We shall peel the bananas but under no condition should we eat them.”
So the monkeys peeled their bananas and carefully kept them ready for eating in the evening.
“Can I keep the banana in my mouth? I promise not to eat it till evening. Please!” a little monkey asked his father.
“Why don’t we all put a banana in our mouth? That way we can chew it immediately when we break the fast,” said his father, who had agreed to go on the fast only because his wife had not given him a choice. “As long as we don’t eat it, it should be fine,” he added.
So, the monkeys put the bananas in their mouths. One by one they eyed each other uncomfortably as they began their fast — and as you can imagine, within no time at all, the bananas disappeared down their gullets. And that was the end of their fast!

This is the nature of the mind. Mind is the Monkey. It jumps from this branch to that branch, from this tree, to that tree, from this to that. It never stays here, in now. In here and now, is the Truth.!