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Monday, February 28, 2011


This is just a piece of contemplation i had while i had a fight with my best friend. I was thinking, if i  can exist without friends. Can i live without my parents? What if everybody is pulled out of my life, one by one, what happens then..

If everybody in your life, is subtracted, one by one, what remains…parents, suppose as if they are not…friends..let them go…everybody..all friends,, relatives..colleagues, pets..every living being is taken off…what will remain in the end…

how will you know who you are…what will be your identity…what is the use of eyes, if there is nothing to see and what use is for ears, if there is no sound…what if..

what if only you remain, on a clean barren land with no living beings or plants around..nothing…just you…like Hollywood apocalypse movies…only you..what would you do…can u survive like that…can u survive…when there is NOTHING TO DO…nothing is to be done..coz there is NO THING left..what happens then.

will you still remain like what you are now…all the projections…of the mind..and all your superficial identities, will be taken off…you will remain, but no masks will be there…the real you remains..

In the midst of so many artificial faces and shadows, we have forgotten who we are….we know nothing of that Real YOU !

~from mohitvalecha

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