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Monday, February 7, 2011

Opportunities to Love!

Don’t miss a single opportunity where you can be loving. If you start looking for opportunities for being loving, you will be surprised: they come in thousands. Because you have not been looking for them you have not noticed them, otherwise they come each moment.

You are passing by the road and a child smiles. Now there is a possibility, a great opportunity. God has smiled at you – you have to respond! You are sitting and a stranger is sitting by your side and is crying, and the tears are coming; now you have an opportunity to respond. Or you see a rose flower just opening; it is an opportunity to be loving. You can dance around the rosebush; you can at least say hello to the rose. You can have a little chit-chat... you can be a little mad!

The whole universe goes on giving millions of opportunities but because we are hard and we don’t look for them, even if they come on our way uninvited, we bypass them. By and by our eyes become completely incapable of seeing the opportunity for love, otherwise each moment god approaches you. His hand is always very close to taking our hand but we don’t move: we function like rocks.

~Osho – The No Book

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